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What are the advantages of Fresh Water Pearl Beads

Freshwater pearls are unique in that they are the ONLY  tissue-nucleated cultured pearl in the world. And what make they are special for people.


1>It creates a pearl composed of solid crystalline nacre; the closest you can get to the way a natural pearl is formed in the wild.

2>It creates an incredibly durable pearl that will withstand the tests of time, wear and tiny hands.

3>Rather than a glossy shine, a Freshwater pearl possesses an elegant glow that slowly reveals itself under the steady gaze of the wearer ... Silky, touchable and radiant, fine AAA and Gem Quality Freshwater pearls can look just as beautiful as any saltwater pearl.

4>Their natural shades of Pink/Peach, Lavender and White are untreated by any chemical or dye process, and will never discolor or fade if cared for properly. New, intense colors and metallic overtones are becoming available, making cultured Freshwater pearls one of the most colorful pearl types on the market today!


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