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What will affect the Value of a Fresh water Pearl Bead

Today human cultured fresh water pearl beads are very popular for using on fashion jewelry.

People may think is cultured pearl bead has the same function as natural pearl bead.

And our answer is yes. Natural pearl is valuable because it is rare while cultured are very common to see. But they both do good for people health.

For some customers who need high performances beads, pearl industry also set up a completed standard system to divide the pearls into different groups.

See below picture for a rough idea.

pearl grade

There are 6 main factors will affect the cost of the pearl.

Let us share you.

1> Pearl Luster

This is the number one factor used in freshwater pearl evaluations. It’s the brilliance, the shine, the beauty of the pearl. ALL pearls are judged on luster.

2>Pearl Size

Larger pearls are more expensive. This is due to their low survival rate within the oysters. Producing large pearls requires that the pearls remain inside the shells longer, decreasing the rate of survival, and the market supply.

3>Pearl Shape

Perfectly round pearls are the rarest on the market. Therefore, they’re the most valuable. Baroque pearls are less valuable than symmetrical pearls. However, baroque pearls are very popular for pearl jewelry.

4>Pearl Color

Cultured freshwater pearls come in a wide array of colors. These colors range from white to black, and many colors in between. Unflawed, pure white pearls are extremely rare. Therefore, they are the most valued.

5>Pearl Surface

Mother Nature does not attempt to create perfection. Her creations are always unique. So, flaws are always expected when it comes to real pearls. A freshwater pearls value is determined by the number of blemishes existing on the outer surface of the gem. Fewer flaws equal to a greater value.

6>Pearl Nacre

A pearl’s nacre affects its durability, color evenness, and luster. Akoya pearls have the thinnest nacre of all pearl types. Freshwater pearls, on the other hand, have a very thick nacre. So, their luster is outstanding, making them a valuable type of pearl.

Now you know what will affect the pearls value, do you want to have try with quake Pearl Series.


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